$847.00 USD

AI/ChatGPT Medicolegal Toolkit

To master using artificial intelligence (AI) in your medicolegal practice to enhance productivity, quality, and profits, you need knowledge, skills, and resources. We aim to be on the cutting edge and provide these resources.

In preparing for our inaugural presentation in July 2023, we devoted hundreds of hours and great expense to researching the most current approaches to AI - and this was in addition to the experience of Chris Brigham, MD, who started his involvement in AI over fifty years ago! We are pleased to share the results of this work – work that will continue with ongoing updates.

You can struggle to obtain this information, take months or years to get up to speed, make suboptimal use of technology, and go it alone – or for a modest investment, you can apply AI effectively today.

The offering includes:

  • Monthly virtual coaching sessions (for one year)
  • In-depth video on the use of AI in the medicolegal field; this is twice the length of what we could provide in our inaugural webinar.
  • Detailed outline of content shared in the video presentation.
  • Interviews with leading medicolegal and technology experts on using AI in the medicolegal field.
  • Practical guidance on how to use AI to manage documents and obtain histories.
  • Prompt guidance with numerous custom-designed prompts specific to the medicolegal field.
  • ChatGPT Resources and Links
  • AI Medicolegal Links
  • AI Resource Hyperlinks (1,750 hyperlinks)