Independent Medical Evaluations - Essentials of Best Practices

The best way to learn the essentials of best practices for Independent Medical Evaluations.


Led by world-renowned mentor Chris Brigham, MD - a visionary leader in the Medicolegal Field with over four decades of experience in the medicolegal field, and Senior Contributing Editor for the Sixth Edition and Editor-in-Chief of the AMA Guides Newsletter - this comprehensive program is meticulously designed to imbue you with the crucial knowledge and pivotal skills that are indispensable for achieving excellence in performing the Independent Medical Evaluations.

With video presentations by Dr. Brigham, this program offers a flexible learning experience tailored to your preferences. This course focuses on IME Best Practices - Foundation, Pre-Evaluation, Evaluation, Post-Evaluation and Management.

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What are the Learning Objectives?

This IME - Best Practices has the following learning objectives:

  1. Define essential steps needed to enhance the success and profitability of your IME practice.
  2. Describe higher valued services and products.
  3. Explain why best practices and technologies enhance quality, efficacy, and profitability.
  4. Explain ways to minimize risks. 
  5. Discuss a plan and steps to achieve success.

Take Action - No Risk, Only Benefits

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