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Online Training on the Use of AI in the Medicolegal Field

The online training on the use of AI in the medicolegal field aims to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize AI tools in their practice. This training explores the capabilities of AI models, like ChatGPT and Claude AI, highlighting their potential in data interpretation, risk analysis, medical record review, and legal research.


Orientation to Use of AI and Technology to Enhance Your Success - Complimentary

Imagine elevating the caliber of your practice, streamlining your workflow to new heights of efficiency, and achieving unprecedented success in your field.

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Revolutionize Your Medicolegal Practice with Artificial Intelligence 

Learn the essentials to master artificial intelligence (AI) in your work in the medicolegal field, at a modest investment.

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Artificial Intelligence Comprehensive Resources

Truly master AI to enhance productivity. Extensive resources and also monthly mentoring sessions. Essential for optimizing your success.  This could be your best investment in 2023.


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MedicoLegal Training and Certification

Achieve your vision of success by learning the essentials not taught during traditional training. These learning experiences are unparalleled in quality and the best cost-effective solution. 

For training on the AMA Guides visit www.amaguides.com

Certified Impairment Rater

Demonstrate your competency in using the AMA Guides and obtain more valued referrals.

Jointly sponsored by the International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators (IAIME),

Visit CertifiedRater.com

Independent Medical Evaluation - Best Practices

This course focuses on best practices when performing an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME), including pre-evaluation, evaluation, post-evaluation, and high-quality report writing.

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AMA Guides Sixth Edition

Learn how to perform high-quality, sought-after impairment evaluations based on the Sixth Edition. Your best learning solution.

Learn More at AMAGuides.com

AMA Guides Fifth Edition

Your best solution to truly master the Fifth Edition, with approximately two hundred modules and over 100 hours of content.

Learn More at AMAGuides.com

It's great connecting with you. I'm Chris Brigham, MD

Whether you are starting your journey or seeking a new destination, I am pleased to be there with you ‚Äď empowering you to ‚Äúcaptain your ship‚ÄĚ while navigating challenging medicolegal ‚Äúseas.‚ÄĚ As a board-certified occupational medicine physician, who entered the medicolegal field over four decades ago, I realized that there was much to learn to succeed. I look forward to sharing knowledge, skills, experiences, and insights that will contribute dramatically to your success and benefit society. I¬†served as Editor of the AMA¬†Guides Newsletter (for 27 years)¬†¬†and¬†Casebook¬†and Senior Contributing Editor for the AMA¬†Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment,¬†Sixth Edition. I have been blessed by the opportunity to be surrounded by talented colleagues, have many unique learning experiences, write over 300 peer-reviewed articles and several books, speak at hundreds of events, and consult throughout the United States and internationally. I sincerely appreciate my colleagues representing many domains and life‚Äôs ‚Äúlearning experiences.‚ÄĚ I want to help you succeed and provide those injured or ill with accurate assessments. I¬†also want this to be enjoyable for you. My involvement in virtual learning systems began five decades ago; therefore, I hope you find the learning experiences here the finest. (By the way, in assisting you to ‚Äúnavigate,‚ÄĚ please be assured that I am also a licensed USCG captain.)

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"I am thrilled I subscribed. It is excellent and a real cost saver. It provides more information, training, and assistance than a 3-4 day course elsewhere at two to three times the cost. "

- Ronald Fadel, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon (Louisville, KY)

"This note is to personally thank you for your brilliant teaching. I learned how to be an IME expert from your teaching. It made me a much more precise and I hope an effective physician."

- Noel Kerin, MD, (Toronto, Ontario)

"Several words come to mind describing this site: valuable, creative, painless, authoritative, unique, and accessible 24/7. What you have developed is so needed."

- Lorne Direnfeld, MD, Neurologist (Maui, HI)

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