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ai ama guides chatgpt ime independent medical Jun 01, 2023

Thanks to our nearly two hundred registrants, and special thanks to our panelists, including Diana Kraemer, MD, Dr. Waqas Ahmad, Charley Brooks, MD, Perry Carpenter, DC, and Caswell Nkuna MBBCh, DOH. 

There are many questions that must be answered to be successful in the MedicoLegal field. We had a lively discussion, as reflected in the recording. We chose not to do any extensive edits to the recording. We apologize for some minor technical issues that have been addressed. In creating asynchronous content we strive for perfection, and if not achieved simply recreate content. With live programs that is not possible. We apologize that you were unable to chat.

Even though we have provided several hundred programs, we continue to learn. With this event we learned we had too many questions. In the future, we will focus on specific topics. This will permit us to explore each question and the associated answer in further depth. 

You will find the recording of value, particularly the discussion of how to use ChatGPT in MedicoLegal evaluations.  By the way, we are doing a session on this in late une.


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