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AI - Revolutionizing the Medicolegal Field - Thanks for your feedback on the July 20, 2023 event.

Jul 25, 2023
AI - Revolutionizing the Medicolegal Field - Thanks for your feedback on the July 20, 2023 event.

When we develop content, we devote many hours to the preparation. Typically, the ratio is 10 hours of preparation time to 1 hour of content. With the July 20, 2023 event we spent hundreds of hours researching and developing content for a 90-minute. Rather than the 10:1 ratio, this was more than 100:1. 

As with all teachers, we hope for positive feedback. Thanks for being so kind. Nearly everyone was "very satisfied." These are some of the comments: 

"It was dizzying. I’ve never been so simultaneously frightened and impressed with something. After the presentation, I was pasting deposition transcripts into ChatGPT and asking it to summary the contents in paragraph form. The sentence structure was really solid and took minimal revision. And of course, generated really fast. Unlike the medical practitioners, with a lot of tasks that I can get assistance from ChatGPT, I don’t have the privacy concerns. However, I expect those concerns will be alleviated when the pay-to-play versions of AI start rolling out. The presentation was very high quality and I digested what I could, but I will be reviewing the presentation to additional deep dive work. Unlike crypto currency, AI is not going away. Best to figure it out now! Thank you for all the time and effort that went into it. " (Attorney, South Carolina)

"I liked best learning ways to use Chat GPT that I had not explore yet such as building tables. Very impressed with the details provided by the NLP services from AWS Comprehensive and Google healthcare. " (Physician, Pennsylvania)

 "I liked the explanation of the practical applications of AI in the Medicolegal field and beyond." Great presentation!" (Physician, Hawaii)

"I liked discovering the multiple ways in which AI can assist with my medlegal evaluations right now.V ery eye-opening information, that i look forward to applying to my work today, that will radically change the medlegal aspects of my practice TODAY. If it works as i hope it does, this will be a game-changer for my practice and for my clients.  Thank you, Chris." (Psychologist, California)

Thank you, attendees!

If you have not viewed the event, we encourage you to do so. The next step is gaining access to the AI Toolkit.


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