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Free Access to Our AMA Guides Newsletter Article - Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing the Medicolegal Field

ai ama guides llm medico Jan 01, 2024

The article we wrote on AI for the AMA Guides Newsletter, "Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing the Medicolegal Field," is now flagged as “free content” on the AMA Guides Digital platform (  (We made this request so you could have access.)


"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing healthcare and the medicolegal field, introducing both potential and challenges. This article explores fundamental AI technologies, including machine learning and large language models, and their medical applications in areas like clinical support, computer vision, robotics, and predictive analysis. AI's role in research, document summarization, report drafting, and enhancing efficiency in medicolegal practices is emphasized. However, it's vital to acknowledge AI's limitations and the necessity for human oversight. The article underscores that human skills such as critical thinking, judgment, and empathy are indispensable in this intrinsically human-oriented profession, even as AI augments medicolegal evaluations and operational effectiveness."


To gain access to the full article, please click Here.


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