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Reproduced and Re-created Material by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ai artificial intelligence language models machine learning recerated material Nov 06, 2023
Reproduced and Re-created Material by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The practice of submitting and publishing content that has been generated or significantly influenced by artificial intelligence (AI), language models, machine learning, or analogous technologies is generally viewed with caution and is typically advised against. This is especially the case unless the utilization of such technologies is a deliberate and integral component of a formal research design or methodology.

In instances where the integration of these advanced technologies is deemed essential and justifiable within the context of scholarly work, it is imperative that authors adhere to a stringent disclosure protocol. This necessitates providing a comprehensive and transparent account of the nature and extent of the content that has been created or modified by AI or machine learning tools. Specifically, authors are required to meticulously detail the name of the model or tool employed, including its version and extension numbers, as well as the name of the manufacturer or developer of the technology.

The onus of ensuring and maintaining the integrity of the content generated through these means squarely falls on the shoulders of the authors. They are obligated to critically evaluate and verify the accuracy, relevance, and appropriateness of the content, ensuring that it adheres to the highest standards of scholarly work and ethical guidelines. This level of accountability is crucial not only in upholding the credibility of the research but also in maintaining transparency and trust within the academic community and the wider audience engaged with the work.

In essence, while the use of AI and machine learning tools in content creation and manuscript preparation is not outrightly prohibited, it necessitates a careful, considered approach, with authors taking proactive steps to ensure transparency, accountability, and the overall integrity of the generated content.


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