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Second Tuesday - Please join us! Thanks for all of the cudos.

ama guides ime medicolegal Jun 15, 2023

One of my favorite days of each month is the Second Tuesday when I have three virtual meetings with our fabulous user community. This is unedited feedback from the sessions this week. 

  • "I find these meetings to be of enormous benefit and only wish I could be more regular in my attendance. There is indescribable value in being able to openly and informally discuss best practices in evaluating worker's compensation injuries with our peers and being led by the iconic and "father" of independent evaluations - Chris Brigham - who not only brings forward his experience, but provides the written tools for us to read and digest on our own time. These resources are equally invaluable. " (Occupational medicine physician, Indian Wells, CA)

  • "I learn something every time." (Orthopedic surgeon, Medical Director for State WC System)
  • "Like the format with submitted questions and like the interactive nature of current format" (Physician, focuses on impairment assessment, KY)
  • "These sessions are priceless, and I am disappointed whenever my schedule does not allow me to attend.  I learn something each time." (Chiropractic physician, AZ)
  • "These sessions are great. The actual case studies are the most helpful as they are real life situations." (Chiropractic physician, ND)
  • "I think the Impairment Rating discussions are extremely beneficial! I like being able to ask questions beforehand and I also like receiving the email as a reminder! Learning a lot in a very comprehensible way." (Impairment consultant, Best in Class MD)
  • "I tend to be a by the book individual.  Thus, helps me look beyond the forest for the trees." (Impairment assessor, SD)
  • "The sessions are very informative and help to understand better how to apply criteria for different cases." (Physician, medicolegal consultant, IN)

Thanks everyone. 

Please join us.


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